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Finger Lakes Mercantile is a multitude of things packed together that make marketing specialists scratch their heads and go "What am I looking at?" due to the ever expanding number of industries it's involved in. It's because of that I like to say my tagline is "Baffling Marketers Since 2019". As a sole proprietor, I'm totally fine with this. Not all businesses have to fit a mold to succeed.

This page is more a hybrid between a business page and a personal portfolio. Here's what I currently offer. This is not all inclusive to what I've done for others:

  • - Photography
  • - Videography
  • - Manufacturing
  • - Distribution


The majority of the jobs I take for photography gigs are non-staged photo shoots that allow me to wander and capture candid moments with no real quota as to the number of photos produced. There's only been a few exceptions as staged photography, in my opinion, is a bit too disingenuous for my tastes. Videography gigs I've been involved with in the past have included theater performances at the Kodak Center, musical performances, and an ongoing YouTube series. Rates vary depending on the type of equipment and personnel required, and length of the gig.

My own equipment used for these gigs include a Sony A7iii with 4k capabilities, high speed Sigma 1:2.6 / 1:5-6.3 APO lenses with 18-500mm ranges, a GoPro 7 Black for perspective live action captures, as well as Movo dual-wireless mic system and Sennheiser MKE600 for sound capture. Other more advanced audio-visual equipment and personnel are available with advanced notice.

Past clients include the Kodak Quartet from the Eastman School of Music, OFC Creations, Compeer Rochester, Frameworks of Rochester, and PlayerzZone.


(Note: These services are B2B only.)

The workshop is currently equipped with the manufacturing capabilities for large format canvas and photo paper printing up to 54 inches, and sublimation customization. For those photographers that are looking to have their work printed to showcase or re-sell, there are a myriad of substrates your work can be displayed on in addition to the traditional canvas and photo paper. These include, but are certainly not limited to, metal prints (up to 8" x 10"), puzzles, tumblers, jewelry, coasters, mouse pads, ornaments, magnets, key chains, etc., all available at wholesale pricing. Quantity requirements will apply and vary depending on your chosen substrate.

Distribution services are as far reaching as the clients' needs are assuming, of course, those needs are legal. Part of those services include locating and establishing channels with manufacturers both domestically and internationally for the client and wholesaling those goods to them. But before those items are offered or broadly marketed, everything is thoroughly field tested with the professionals in the industry to determine quality of workmanship. If it's a product I've never dealt with before, the client more often times than not willingly volunteers to be that professional field tester in return for some type of incentive on the ordered products.

The FLM umbrella has recently expanded into the distribution of sublimation substrates to other small business makers in the retail space through the SubliVerse brand program. I also distribute massage guns to massage therapists and chiropractors for resale to their clients.

As a small business myself, I generally don't carry a large stock of items and will order the items from the manufacturer as the orders from the clients come in for them.


Feel free to reach out to me using the information provided on the contact page below.

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Finger Lakes Mercantile currently has a brand account on Etsy under the name 'SubliVerse'. If you have any questions about the merchandise offered, don't hesitate to contact me.


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